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Jul 01, 2009
All ArmorTex Gloves

So there I was, 78 feet down with a 42" Yellowtail Tuna on the end of my spear. I wrangled him in and with my hand inside his mouth, started to drive my new Titanium Knife thru the top of his head. As I forced the knife thru his bony skull, I felt it jab suddenly against the back of my hand. In a slight panic I pulled the knife out thinking I had for certain stabbed myself thru the back of the hand. Expecting to see a volume of blood and a deeply penetrated left hand, I realized I wasnt even so much as scratched. YOUR All-Armortex gloves didn't even have a hole cut thru it!

Your gear did its job and protected me against my own stupidity.
Thanks much!

Peter Huble

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