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At Akona, we're quite proud of our position of industry dominance.

We're proud of the fact that our scuba gear is among the most popular in the world. Travel to anyplace on the planet where diving is popular, and you'll find Akona gear in use.

We're one of the oldest and most successful manufacturers of scuba equipment. From our early days as a pioneer in the fledgling field of scuba diving to the present, we've been an industry leader for more than half a century.

We like the view from up here at the top of our industry, and we intend to stay here. And we know we aren't going to remain at the top by resting on our laurels.

That's why you are so important to us.

Because the only way we can retain our position of industry dominance is by continuing to do exactly the same thing that got us here - earning the trust of divers just like you.

After all, if we can earn your trust through our dedication to providing consistently superior products, then we're off to a great start on our next half century. That's why we continue to strive for excellence.

You'd expect nothing less from an industry icon, would you?