This multi-sport, thermal protection garment line uses the latest ther¬mal fabric technologies to provide comfortable, breathable, and flexible protection. Each piece can be used individually or as a layering garment for additional warmth.


Neoprene wetsuits in various styles, thicknesses, and neoprene’s that are specifically designed for scuba diving. Gender specific patterns ensure a proper fit for whatever or wherever your adventure takes you.


No longer just a rash guard. Today’s fabrics are soft, stretchy, breathable and comfortable. They can be worn all day long in the water and sun, protecting you from the sun’s harmful UV rays and rough surfaces. So that you can enjoy multiple days in your favorite environment.


A variety designs and thicknesses to meet and satisfy all of your needs. These hoods are comfortable and flexible providing your head with warmth and ensuring an enjoyable adventure.


AKONA has a neoprene boot design for all of the activities on your list. From the Fit, with it’s tough molded sole for stability and traction, to the Self-Draining sole of the Seco. The watersports world is your oyster.


AKONA gloves are specifically designed for almost every watersport activity. Featuring multiple neoprene thicknesses for any water temperature and a variety of materials to provide dexterity and protection, AKONA has your hands covered.