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Sep 01, 2007
AKB156 Progression: Scuba Diving Magazine

November 2007, Scuba Diving Magazine –
Rather than providing myriad pockets and pouches, the new Progression dive bag, measuring 30 inches tall by 17 inches wide by 13 inches deep, is designed with three big unencumbered stowage compartments: a jumbo-sized main box and two roomy lid compartments. Fins stow in the main box in mesh blade sleeves supported by Velcro retainer straps. The balance of your big gear stays in place via internal compression straps. The lid compartments are the same size and shape and are designed to fit Akona’s Pro Reg Bag, one of which comes zipped in the lower compartment. The Progression is made of 600 denier poly/natural fiber blend with a polyurethane interior coating. It rolls on a pair of all-terrain wheels, and the pull handle offers two locking tow positions. There are a couple contoured rubberized lift handles, and the skid rails on back keep the bag off wet boat decks. The Pro Reg Bag is well-padded and shaped with rounded corners to make easy business of coiling a reg.

There are four Velcro loops to hold hoses in place so the reg won’t slide around in the bag. It comes with a carry handle, a shoulder strap and a padded console sleeve.

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