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AKONA ArmorTex Gloves


I've been diving in Alaska the last couple of years. I have tried and used several different brand name gloves. I really like the AKONA ArmorTex Gloves. They have proven to be warm enough and flexible enough for both recreational diving and working under water for long periods of time. After months of use, I did however tear the neoprene on top of one finger while working. A bit of Aqua Seal has kept it from tearing further. This is the first AKONA product I have in my dive bag, I will be trying more of your product in the future.

I love my Seco Boots


I love my Seco boots. I did a pond dive this weekend and the water from my wetsuit had flowed right into my boots. I didn't have to worry about draining the boots of the extra water being poured into as, I knew the holes in the boot would drain it out. When I picked my boots up to place them into my dive bag, I didn't have to flip them over to drain them, as they were already drained. One less thing to worry about when packing up after diving.

Eric P.

All ArmorTex Gloves


So there I was, 78 feet down with a 42" Yellowtail Tuna on the end of my spear. I wrangled him in and with my hand inside his mouth, started to drive my new Titanium Knife thru the top of his head. As I forced the knife thru his bony skull, I felt it jab suddenly against the back of my hand. In a slight panic I pulled the knife out thinking I had for certain stabbed myself thru the back of the hand. Expecting to see a volume of blood and a deeply penetrated left hand, I realized I wasnt even so much as scratched. YOUR All-Armortex gloves didn't even have a hole cut thru it!

Your gear did its job and protected me against my own stupidity. 
Thanks much!

Peter Huble

Pro Camera Bag


You guys hit a home run with this one. I am
a NAUI instructor and underwater photographer. Most of us with lots of
camera equipment purchase many bags searching for the "right one" . Your
Pro Photo Bag is where my search ends. My commendations to your design
team. This bag has great compartments to keep equipment safe, perfect
balance even when fully loaded, and the superb build quality Akona is known
for. I have put this bag through real world testing , placing it in many
overhead bins, piggybacking other luggage on it while rolling through
airports and having to unexpectedly check it plane side. It has performed
beautifully. I own other professional bags costing much more, but none
compare to the Pro Camera Bag. 

Thanks for the fantastic product !

Wally Diehl

ArmorTex Gloves


I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that thanks to your
ArmorTex gloves, I avoided a potentially serious injury from the bite of a
Moray eel. I was lobstering during our annual lobster mini-season off Miami
on July 27th, 2006. I was in the process of tickling a lobster out of a hole
when a green moray eel swam out and bit me on the index finger. I surfaced
and pulled my hand out of the glove to find only a small scratch. I was
surprised considering how forcefully the eel bit me. Needless to say,
everybody on the boat is going out to buy their own pair. 
Thanks again. 
C. Camps
Miami, Florida (email)



I just wanted to drop a line to everyone there and say a big thank
you for making quality gear and bags. I have been diving nearly 15 years
(started when I was 14) and just purchased one of your bags. I've been on
many trips since the purchase and brag on the bag as often as I can. I see
too many divers that have bags that jsut don't work. I continue to get
compliments on the complete functionability of the bag. Again, this is just
a little note to say, thank you for turning out quality scuba gear. I look
forward to buying and using Akona until my last days in the water.

Sincerely, L. Diemont
Baton Rouge, Louisiana (email)

AKONA For Life


I think it is fair to say that I am fully converted to Akona. Georgienne made me schlepp a few bags down and I had my first experience with Akona. Can I tell you.....I arrived to the Aguadilla airport with 200 lbs of luggage. I was by myself and ended up having to carry all the expedition extras through the airport. Of course, I was greeted by my taxi driver that was 4'5," walking with a cane, and one crippled arm.

I DO NOT LIE! True Story!

So can I tell you that that luggage was awesome! I love the little passport carrier on the carry on pull bag. It makes things a hick of a lot easier.

Thanks Again!

Bradley Ireland Productions

Freakin' Awesome!


I just purchased a couple of your mesh boat bags, THEY ARE
FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! I just bought 2 more with a couple
of mask bags! Great hardware, fabric, construction, etc. All I'd want in
addition to what I already have is small inside zipper pocket. Also, a
20- -30% larger bag would be awesome as well. Keep up the good work! Y'all
K. Becker (email)

Life Long Customer


I want to tell you how pleased I am with your company! After a
great dive trip to Cozumel, imagine my dismay when I went to claim my
beloved Akona gear bag....it had been so badly mishandled by the
Airlines! The pull handle was broken, the zipper that covers the handle was
torn,and there was a chunk missing from one of the wheels. Through our
local dealer I was able to send it back for repair. My bag was returned to me in less than 2
weeks. This service is above and beyond. You will have a life long customer.

J. E. West

Great Designs!


"Your bags have great designs. I also love your wetsuits. Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!!
J. Stucky (email)